Renee Monteiro-Bernard’s work revolves around the techniques of using a scanner bed to photograph natural objects as staged compositions celebrating the beauty and awe of the natural world and it’s Creator. Renee considers herself a "maker", working with subject's from the natural world that are already superbly made by The“Creator”. She manipulates these specimens by altering, deconstructing, and hybridizing striving to draw viewers into a more intimate encounter with nature and The Divine.

Renee’s series “maker & Creator” uses techniques that alter natural forms through coloration by either paint or digital manipulation, deconstructing by removing or taking apart, and hybridizing through combining parts. In addition, an illusion is introduced by using man-made objects that mimic natural subjects to complement portions of the compositions. Renee's Naturalist's Cabinet of Curiosities collection also provides additional subject support. Works are produced at night in a Dark Room in contrast to traditional photography that is developed in a darkroom at any point in time. 

Scanner bed photography is the evolution of mixed-media painting and assemblage that Renee has previously created incorporating natural objects into her work. The presence of the natural world has influenced her work as an industrial designer through biomimicry, in teaching through S.T.E.A.M instruction, and in fine art through painting, sculpture and macro photography. Scanner bed photography was the next step to explore her beloved natural subjects as Divine works of art in themselves … "I am just the vehicle by which they are artistically arranged".